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AGRRA Database and Summary Products


AGRRA Database

The AGRRA Access database contains information for the 2151 sites that were surveyed between 1997 and 2015. Hundreds of individuals from many nations in the tropical Western Atlantic have participated in this international collaboration; to all we are grateful for their contributions.

Data includes:

  •    4,544 benthic transects
  •    11,216 coral transects
  •    152,102 coral heads surveyed
  •    19,531 fish transects
  •    649,240 fish surveyed


Summary Products

Excel spreadsheets containing summary products derived from these data are also provided.

Before using the database or summary products, users are urged to consult the README file.

As you use these data, please take careful note of all survey dates. Remember that the AGRRA data are only representative of the dates of their collection, and the condition of some of the surveyed reef areas has subsequently declined.

GIS Products 

GIS shapefiles for the benthic and fish sites will allow the AGRRA databases to be accessed from within Geographical Information Systems such as the ArcGIS applications from ESRI. Additionally, shapefiles for the various derived products (previously available only as Excel spreadsheets) are now provided as shapefiles to assist in quick integration of these products for GIS analysis.

How to cite the AGRRA Database:

Marks, K.W. 2016. “AGRRA Database, version (2016-08).” Available online <http:www.agrra.org/data-explorer/explore-summary-products/ >

How to cite the AGRRA Summary Products:

Marks, K.W. and J.C. Lang. 2016. “AGRRA Summary Products, version (2016-08).” Available online <http:www.agrra.org/data-explorer/explore-summary-products/ >


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