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Bahamas hosts AGRRA Train the Trainers workshop May 6-11, 2018

  AGRRA scientists Ken Marks and Judith Lang and  Ana Giro Petersen, the Guatemalan Coordinator for Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, conducted an AGRRA “Train The Trainers” workshop in Eluethera, The Bahamas, May 6-11, 2018. Participants from The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua and U.S took part in this week long field… Read more »

A prodigal coral genus returns: Undaria is again Agaricia

A prodigal coral genus returns: Undaria is again Agaricia pending further taxonomic research Budd et al. (1994) classified species of bifacial Agaricia (agaricities, tenuifolia, humilis) as species of Undaria, and this genus name was adopted by AGRRA in 2013. We have since learned that Undaria is an invalid genus name according to the rules of… Read more »

TAKE THE PLEDGE! 10 things you can do to help Coral Reefs

In acknowledgement of the International Year of the Reef 2018, the International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS) is urging its members and all others interested in or concerned about coral reefs, to take one or more of the practical steps in their day-to day living listed below, to help save coral reefs from the existential… Read more »

Seasons Greetings from AGRRA

  Thank you to all our partners and contributors who helped make 2017 a great year. With your support and participation, we were able to train 60 partners from 8 countries and expand stewardship of our coral reefs in the Caribbean.  We look forward to sharing more news and details of our work in our… Read more »

Support Hurricane Relief Efforts in the Caribbean

These past few weeks have been very difficult for our friends, co-workers, families and neighbors affected by the devastating and destructive effects of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria as well as the series of earthquakes in Mexico. Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with all those affected including colleagues and partners across the Caribbean… Read more »

August 2017 – AGRRA conducts workshop in Veracruz, Mexico

Background Platform and fringing reefs with well-developed frameworks grow to maximum depths of about 21 m off the city of Veracruz in a naturally turbid environment on the narrow continental shelf in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. The reefs have been impacted in recent decades by increases in terrigenous sediments and by pollutants, coral diseases,… Read more »

Robert Nathan Ginsburg (1925-2017) – Scientist, mentor, visionary

To our AGRRA community of friends and partners: All of us with the AGRRA team are saddened to announce the loss of our colleague and dear friend, Dr. Robert N. Ginsburg who passed away July 9, 2017. As many of you know, Bob has been the guiding visionary force, mentor and “father” of AGRRA’s efforts… Read more »

38th AMLC/ACLM Scientific Conference in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, 22-26 May 2017

The 38th AMLC/ACLM Scientific Conference , ‘Marine Science in a Changing Climate’ will be held 22-28 May, 2017 in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.  Registration & Call for Abstracts: opened 27 February 2017. Deadlines: Closing date for abstract submissions: 17 March 2017 2017 AMLC Student Travel Awards – deadline 17 March 2017 2017 AMLC Student Research Grant-in-Aid – deadline 1 April 2017 Conference Co-Hosts… Read more »

A new way to see The Bahamas Underwater – Interactive atlas from Living Oceans Foundation

In 2011, AGRRA scientists Judith Lang and Ken Marks collaborated with The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KSLOF) to conduct coral reefs surveys in the Bahamas including the Inaguas, Hogsty Reef and Cay Sal Bank. Reports from those surveys are now available along with the interactive atlas of Bahamian coral reefs (see news release… Read more »