New! Field Guide for Monitoring Coral Disease Outbreaks in the Mesoamerican Region – 2022

FIELD GUIDE for Monitoring Coral Disease Outbreaks in the Mesoamerican Region 2022

A complementary tool for managers, specialists, students, policy makers and a general audience who are interested in learning more about monitoring and responding to coral disease outbreaks in the Mesoamerican Region.

This new guide is the result of a collaborative effort in the MAR region and provides a summary of the recent coral disease outbreak, as well as guidance on monitoring and responding to disease outbreaks in the Mesoamerican Region (MAR) and the Caribbean.

The purpose of this summary guide is to provide:

  • An overview of key characteristics of stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD)
  • A summary of the current status of SCTLD in the Mesoamerican reef region including an overview of response efforts in each of the four MAR countries
  • An introductory guide to the coral species susceptible to SCTLD in the MAR
  • A brief overview of coral condition, diseases, and how to distinguish SCTLD
  • Guidance on how to monitor SCTLD and potential future coral disease outbreaks
  • Resources on SCTLD

Access the guide and other resources on the AGRRA Coral Disease Outbreak Resources page.

Recent updates on Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease can also be found on the latest AGRRA Winter Update newsletter.