Online Data Entry Entering your survey data

Researchers that utilize the AGRRA protocols for data collection have the opportunity to enter their data into our AGRRA database via this data entry system. Currently, this is a separate system that requires an independent login from the AGRRA membership. It provides different login credentials and needs to be set up by a member of the AGRRA team

Online Data Entry System Login screen


A Team Lead contacts the AGRRA team  to set up a new “batch” of data within the system. The Team Lead will be set up with credentials that allow them to add in specific site details as well as surveyors involved in the data collection process. The Team Lead sets up credentials for each of the surveyors, allowing them access to the online data entry system where they can enter in all the specific data for each of the transects they were involved in.

Site Specifics page where the Team Lead can create new sites before entering data collected utilizing AGRRA methods


The first page of data entry for a new Benthic transect

Currently, researchers that enter data into the system have been trained to use AGRRA protocols and instructed on how to use the online data entry system. If you are interested in such trainings, please reach out to us at

If you need help or have questions contact us at