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Tiny silversides aggregate above a large clump of lobed star corals in Sandy Island-Oyster Bay Marine Protected Area, Carriacou, Grenada. Photo by Ken Marks


Established in 1997, AGRRA has had the opportunity to work with numerous partners to contribute to the understanding and protection of coral reefs. Dr. Robert Ginsburg, through his foundation Ocean Research and Education Foundation (ORE), has been the guiding visionary force and supporter behind AGRRA’s efforts for these 20 years. The AGRRA program has also been made possible through partnerships with numerous Universities, Non-profit organizations, NGOs, scientists, researchers and volunteers throughout the US and Caribbean. Together, they have enabled AGRRA to develop and maintain a comprehensive database of reef condition indicators for the wider Caribbean comprising more than 3,000 surveys covering 29 countries or territories. We are grateful to our partners for their support in our continuing collective efforts to protect coral reefs.

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