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Unomia stolonifera is a fast-growing Indo-Pacific soft coral in the family Xeniidae. Introduced into a Venezuelan coastal coral community in the early 2000’s, its range has since expanded to include other coral habitats, as well as seagrass meadows and mangrove roots. This species was recently found in Cuba. With its rapid growth and lack of natural predators, U. stolonifera has the potential to exclude native species and reduce biodiversity in areas where it is a non-native.

Your observations are important to help increase our collective understanding of this species in its native and non-native habitat.


This page is being updated frequently as we continue to add more information. Please check back for updates.

Unomia Tracking Map


Map of Unomia presence recorded throughout the Caribbean – The Unomia Tracking Map is an interactive map that shows where Unomia has been confirmed in the Caribbean. Sightings are submitted through the Online Unomia Survey Form which then appears on the map as purple markers while the information is being thoroughly reviewed. Once reviewed, the markers turn green if Unomia is not present/confirmed or Red if presence of Unomia is confirmed.

Photo Gallery




Video: Collaborative eradication control efforts of Unomia stolonifera in Cuba (Boca de Calderas, Feb. 2024). Videographer: Roberto Irurzun