Training Tools and Survey Materials

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Honduras Intro pg Shawn Jackson grouper 2TRAINING MATERIALS ARE CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED – STAY TUNED! This section contains the tools to train surveyors who wish to conduct monitoring surveys using the AGRRA protocol. It also includes the Survey Materials for AGRRA surveyors to conduct their surveys.

These in-depth training materials are to aid identification of benthos, coral and fish in addition to the Instruction guides for conducting monitoring surveys, how to make survey equipment, data sheet templates and underwater aids.

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Introduction to Coral Reefs – [Powerpoint Presentation]  [PDF]

Click on the links below to view all the available files.

The Training Power Point files are large and incorporate a interactive Question & Answer learning method.  The Power Point files have a corresponding PDF format that contains the same information but does not include the question & answer functionality.

AGRRA Survey Materials

Read about the full AGRRA monitoring protocol.

Benthos Training Materials

Benthic organisms are grouped by their ecological interactions including corals, algae and sessile invertebrates. Click here to see training materials on how to conduct AGRRA Benthos surveys.

Coral Training Materials

Coral reefs provide habitat for fish and other reef organisms. Coral Training materials include coral identification and training on surveying coral condition.

Fish Training Materials

Coral reef fish come in a variety of shapes and colors. Fish Training materials include fish identification and how to conduct AGRRA fish surveys.

Reef Type Training Material

The Caribbean has a variety of different reef types. Learn how to identify the different types of reefs.

Equipment Instructions

Very simple, easy-to-make equipment is used to survey reefs using the AGRRA method.

Site Selection

Selecting what type of reef to survey is important. The method for selecting sites is influenced by the size, abundance, distribution and habitat complexity of the reefs in the study location.

Data Sheets

Files are available. Print sheets on underwater paper for recording data when conducting surveys. Transpose data online via computer.

Online Training Module

This functionality is in development. Access to this is not yet available