Fish Training



Training Materials

The Fish training materials include Identification Aids and Flash cards. There are three different versions of the Flash cards that represent a different sequence of slides and are available in Powerpoint format that incorporates an interactive Question & Answer format with a corresponding PDF format.

Please note – the Flash Card files are large

Users with smartphones and tablets may prefer to look at the content in the PDF format but will lose the Question & Answer functionality found in the Powerpoint format.

Common/Scientific Name


Mickey Charteris Fish diver 3Survey Materials

Materials needed to conduct AGRRA fish surveys can be found in the Related Links to the right. The method is summarized in the Fish Protocol document. ( we suggest printing a copy for handy reference). The Fish Underwater Datasheets and Underwater Codes sheet need printing on underwater paper (see Protocol document for our suggested source). Data that will be submitted to AGRRA for possible processing and archival storage should be entered on the Fish Data Entry spreadsheet.