Caribbean Coral Restoration Webinar: Coral Genetics Research & Restoration, 3 May 2017

NOAA’s Restoration Center and The Nature Conservancy are hosting a series of webinars and discussions with the Coral Restoration Consortium focused on Caribbean coral restoration. Join us for the second webinar on Wednesday, May 3 from 1-4 PM EDT.

Dr. Iliana Baums from Penn State University will give an overview of current genetics research, highlighting the various methods of genetic analysis and providing guidance on when it is appropriate to use each method. An hour-long presentation by Dr. Baums will be followed by Q&A and discussion about where genetics research is headed and how it can help support our restoration work. Both a recording of the webinar and a PDF of the presentation will be available to view after the webinar. Register here.


Reminder Date & Time- May 3, 2017
7 AM – 10 AM HST
10 AM – 1 PM PDT
1 PM – 4 PM EDT [/bluebox]